How to Use Alfa Romeo Wireless Charging

2024 Giulia front end close up

The wireless charging feature in Alfa Romeo vehicles offers a convenient way to keep your smartphone powered up without the need for cables cluttering your cabin. This tutorial will guide you through how to set up and use the wireless charging feature in your Alfa Romeo vehicle.

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How Does Wireless Charging Work? 

The wireless charging feature found in Alfa Romeo models utilizes Qi technology, which is a standard interface for wireless power transfer using inductive charging. It allows you to charge compatible smartphones by simply placing them on the vehicle’s charging pad.

What Phones are Compatible with Wireless Charging? 

Before using the wireless charging feature, ensure that your smartphone is compatible with Qi wireless charging. Many modern smartphones support this charging method, but it’s always good to verify with your phone’s specifications.

How to Use Wireless Charging 

The wireless charging pad in Alfa Romeo vehicles is always located in the center console area, either in the storage compartment or under the armrest. The vehicle must be turned on for the phone to begin charging, and the phone should be placed face-up. For best results, drivers may want to close out of any extraneous apps and remove their phone’s protective case, if it has one on. 

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