How Alfa Romeo’s Traffic Sign Recognition System Works

2024 Alfa Romeo Tonale from above

Select Alfa Romeo vehicles come equipped with a traffic sign recognition system, giving drivers a second set of eyes to keep track of posted speed limits. Wondering how the traffic sign recognition system works? Below, we’ve put together a basic rundown of this exciting driver aid available for select Alfa Romeo vehicles.  

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How Does the Traffic Sign Recognition System Work? 

The Traffic Sign Recognition System uses a camera mounted on the vehicle’s windshield to detect certain road signs, especially speed limit signage. In addition to keeping track of the last posted speed limit, it will also check for no passing zones and other important traffic information. These signs will be displayed (up to two at a time) on the upper-righthand corner of the instrument cluster display. 

How Can I Activate My Alfa Romeo Vehicle’s Traffic Sign Recognition System? 

To activate the Traffic Sign Recognition function on your Alfa Romeo vehicle, select the Driver Assistance menu from your infotainment screen. There, drivers should see an option for Traffic Sign Recognition, which can be switched between on or off. There’s also a “Blinking” option, which can be toggled to activate a warning if the vehicle detects the driver is speeding. 

Traffic Sign Recognition Care & Tips 

Because the Traffic Sign Recognition system relies on the front-facing camera sensors located on the windshield, drivers should be sure to regularly clean the windshield for greater accuracy. Mud, snow, dirt, and other debris can result in this driver aid missing signage. Poor visibility conditions can also result in the system missing signage, such as driving down a poorly-lit road at night, or while in foggy weather.  

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