How to Use Alfa Romeo ParkSense Park Assist

The Alfa Romeo ParkSense Park Assist feature is one of many impressive safety and driver assistance features found in modern Alfa Romeo models. Wondering how to activate and make use of this convenient parking assistance feature? Continue reading to see our tutorial on how to use ParkSense Park Assist in your Alfa Romeo model of choice. 

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What is ParkSense Park Assist? 

Alfa Romeo’s ParkSense Park Assist feature is a convenient driver aid that makes it easier to park than ever before. Using sensors located throughout the vehicle’s exterior, this driver aid scans for obstacles behind or in front of your vehicle to mitigate the risk of a potential collision while parking. 

How to Activate ParkSense Park Assist  

The Alfa Romeo ParkSense Park Assist feature can be turned on or off by using the buttons located in your Alfa Romeo vehicle’s centre console stack. It should be noted that while every Alfa Romeo vehicle with ParkSense features rear sensors, only select models feature sensors on both the front and rear. 

How Does ParkSense Park Assist Work? 

When ParkSense Park Assist is active, the vehicle will provide both visual and audible alerts when the vehicle is traveling at less than 13 km/h. The closer the driver is to the obstacle, the faster the frequency of the alerts. The infotainment display will also provide visual indicators, showing how close the vehicle is to the obstacle from a bird’s eye perspective. 

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