London, ON: Compare The 2020 Alfa Romeo Stelvio To The 2020 Lincoln Nautilus Reserve

With every adventure comes an excess of things – with luggage and off-road gear stacked haphazardly on a trailer. Each item is essential, but their heavy weights and cumbersome shapes may prove a challenge to haul.

Alfa Romeo seeks to change this – pairing its 2020 Stelvio with superior trailering capabilities.

Boasting a twin-scroll 2.0L engine, the 2020 Stelvio brings rugged performance to Canada – delivering a towing capacity of up to 1,361-kg (3,000 pounds) when properly equipped. Its eight-speed automatic transmission seamlessly adjusts to payload demands, affording smooth power-band responses; while its Q4 all-wheel-drivetrain intuitively transfers torque between the rear and front axles (enhancing grippage while hauling).

Compare this to the 2020 Lincoln Nautilus Reserve. Despite also boasting a 2.0L inline-four engine, this platform only offers 907.8-kg (2,000 pounds) of total trailering. Drivers will, therefore, find themselves struggling to accommodate off-road hauls; and some ATV toys will have to be left behind.

Ensure that every adventure is paired with exceptional strength. Choose the 2020 Stelvio and discover a premium towing capacity.

For additional information about the Stelvio’s trailering capabilities contact Alfa Romeo of London.