Alfa Romeo Intelligent Speed Control Tutorial

Alfa Romeo vehicles come with an impressive range of features and driver aids for drivers to take advantage of. Wondering how to use your Alfa Romeo model’s Intelligent Speed Control feature? Below, we’ve put together an easy tutorial that will help drivers take full advantage of this convenient driver aid. 

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What is Intelligent Speed Control? 

Alfa Romeo’s Intelligent Speed Control (or IRC) system works in conjunction with the vehicle’s Adaptive Cruise Control and Traffic Sign Recognition system to adjust the vehicle’s speed to match the most recently indicated speed limit. 

How to Activate Intelligent Speed Control 

To turn on or off Intelligent Speed Control, drivers will need to navigate to the Driver Assistance settings menu on their infotainment display. Scrolling down through the listed driver assistance features, drivers should find the option to turn Intelligent Speed Control on or off. Drivers can also set a speed offset, allowing the driver to change how much of a change in posted speed limit is required to activate the alert. 

How Does Intelligent Speed Control Work? 

When the vehicle’s Traffic Sign Recognition system identifies a new speed limit, it will send an alert to the driver’s dashboard asking them to confirm the change. To approve or decline the suggested change in speed, drivers will use the RES+/SET- switch to confirm or deny the suggested increase or decrease. 


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