How Safe is the 2022 Alfa Romeo Giulia?

2022 Alfa Romeo Giulia from the front

The 2022 Alfa Romeo Giulia has captured the attention of many sedan shoppers due to its sporty styling and premium interior features. But how safe is the 2022 Alfa Romeo Giulia? Below, we’ve broken down everything drivers need to know about the advanced safety and security features available for the 2022 Alfa Romeo Giulia. 

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Highway and Traffic Jam Assist 

With the available Highway and Traffic Jam Assist feature, drivers can easily manage their speed and enjoy Level II autonomy on compatible roadways. As the driver holds on to the wheel, driver assistance technology automatically adjusts the positioning of the vehicle and engages the brakes as needed in high-traffic situations. 

2022 Alfa Romeo Giulia driving down a street

Driver Attention Alert

Driver Attention Alert prevents accidents caused by drowsy or distracted drivers. This driver aid uses visual and audio alerts to warn drivers if it detects potential drowsiness or inattentiveness. The system achieves this by monitoring the driver’s steering behavior, ensuring they’re paying attention to the road ahead. 

Blind-Spot Monitoring 

With the available Active Assist Plus package, drivers can enjoy Blind Spot Assist. This blind-spot monitoring system helps the drivers change lanes by alerting them to vehicles located in the 2022 Giulia’s blind spots. This driver aid uses scanners to identify the road’s lanes, and can even correct the vehicle’s positioning if they make an unsafe lane change. 

Forward Collision Warning

Forward Collision Warning is also available for the 2022 Alfa Romeo Giulia. This system uses a frontal sensor to detect potential collisions. If the system detects a potential collision, it can automatically apply the brakes to potentially avoid a collision, or reduce the impact. 

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