How to Set Up Apple CarPlay with Alfa Connect

2023 Alfa Romeo Stelvio infotainment system

After purchasing their new Alfa Romeo vehicle, many drivers are eager to experience its innovative technology features, including smartphone connectivity features like Apple CarPlay. Wondering how to use your vehicle’s Alfa Connect system to set up Apple CarPlay? Below, we’ve put together a tutorial to help drivers connect their iPhone to their Alfa Romeo vehicle. 

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Step 1. Turn on Siri 

In order for your iPhone to be recognized by the Alfa Connect system, Siri will need to be active on the device. To check if Siri is active, go into your iPhone’s settings app and then the Siri section. Activate Siri if it is not already enabled.  

Step 2. Plug In Your Device 

After activating Siri, connect your Apple device to the Alfa Romeo infotainment system via a lightning-to-USB cable. On the device’s screen, drivers should be prompted to allow the vehicle access to the device’s features. Agree to grant permissions on each prompt. 

2023 Alfa Romeo Giulia centre console

Step 3. Enjoy Access to Your Apps and Features

Apple CarPlay is now active on your Alfa Romeo vehicle. Using Apple CarPlay, drivers can make hands-free calls using Siri, access navigation features, and play songs, podcasts, and audiobooks through their vehicle’s audio system. Drivers can even access their messages in a safe manner using the vehicle’s hands-free infotainment feature. 

What Alfa Romeo Vehicles Support Apple CarPlay? 

When shopping for a new Alfa Romeo vehicle, drivers won’t have to worry about their Apple device not being able to connect to its infotainment system. The latest iterations of the Alfa Romeo Tonale, Alfa Romeo Stelvio, and Alfa Romeo Giulia all feature support for Apple CarPlay.

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