History of the Alfa Romeo Badge

Alfa Romeo emblem close-up

Few automakers have a logo with a design as intricate and detailed as the Alfa Romeo badge. But why is the Alfa Romeo emblem so elaborate, and what does it represent? Continue reading to learn more about the meaning behind this classic logo, and how it’s evolved since 1910. 

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What Does the Alfa Romeo Badge Represent? 

The Alfa Romeo logo consists of two primary symbols. The left side of the logo features a red cross, while the right side depicts a crowned serpent eating a man. Both of these symbols can be traced back to Milan, the Italian city where Alfa Romeo was founded. 

The red cross represents the flag of the municipality of Milan. This symbol was worn by Milanese soldiers during the First Crusade, and has been used as a traditional symbol of the city ever since. The man-eating snake, known as the Visconti serpent, is a heraldic symbol of the Visconti family. The Visconti family was an influential political force in Milan during the 13th century, which resulted in their family crest becoming a well-known symbol of Milan itself. 

Alfa Romeo emblem close-up on the 2022 Alfa Romeo Giulia

How Has the Alfa Romeo Emblem Changed Over the Years? 

Alfa Romeo has kept the design of their emblem fairly consistent since its introduction in 1910. While the primary elements remain the same, Alfa Romeo has tweaked the logo over the years. In 1925, when Alfa Romeo won the first World Championship, a golden laurel crown was added to the emblem. Arguably, the greatest change to the logo came in 1972, which saw the removal of the “MILANO” title from the bottom half of the logo. 

When was the Alfa Romeo Badge Last Updated? 

The last update made to the Alfa Romeo emblem came in 2015. While the overall structure and placement remained the same, the individual elements received changes to their spacing, proportions, and coloring to make the logo appear more contemporary and geometrically appealing. 

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