How Alfa Romeo’s Adaptive Cruise Control System Works

2023 Alfa Romeo Stelvio infotainment system

Adaptive Cruise Control is a driver assistance feature that modern drivers have come to expect from vehicles. Fortunately, this driver aid comes standard in the entire Alfa Romeo lineup, allowing drivers to maintain a set speed while adapting to the changing flow of traffic on the open road. Below, we’ve put together everything drivers need to know about activating and utilizing the Adaptive Cruise Control system found in modern Alfa Romeo vehicles. 

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How Does Adaptive Cruise Control Work? 

Adaptive Cruise Control differentiates itself from regular cruise control by adjusting the vehicle’s speed to maintain a set following distance between the Alfa Romeo vehicle and the vehicle ahead of it. If the vehicle ahead gets too close, the Alfa Romeo vehicle will slow down to maintain a safe distance. Then, when the coast is clear, the vehicle will return to its regular pre-set speed. 

How Can I Activate My Alfa Romeo Adaptive Cruise Control? 

Adaptive Cruise Control can be activated by pushing the On/Off button found on the steering wheel. When activated, an indicator light will illuminate on the instrument cluster. Drivers can then accelerate to the speed they want to maintain and set it by pushing the Res/Set switch downward. Drivers can then take their foot off the accelerator to cruise.  

Deactivating Adaptive Cruise Control

There are several ways to deactivate Adaptive Cruise Control. If drivers would like to disable ACC while keeping their set speed remembered, all they need to do is tap on the brake pedal. Drivers who wish to return to their saved speed can do so by pushing the Res/Set switch upward. Pressing the On/Off button a second time or turning the engine off will disengage the ACC system, as well as clear its memory of the set speed.  

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