Advanced Safety Features of the 2023 Alfa Romeo Tonale

Safety Features of the 2023 Alfa Romeo TonaleTo continue its commitment to keeping you safe and protected on all your journeys, the new 2023 Tonale comes with some state-of-the-art safety features and driver assistance technologies. The expansive deck of safety and security features is thoughtfully designed to boost the driver’s confidence and promote safe driving behaviour. With top-grade radar technology and sophisticated alert systems, the 2023 Alfa Romeo Tonale promises accident avoidance and detects hazards from both lateral and longitudinal perspectives. Continue reading as the expert product specialists at Alfa Romeo of London take you through some of the Alfa Romeo Tonale’s technologically advanced safety features. 

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2023 Alfa Romeo Tonale Technology Features 

Top Safety Features of the 2023 Tonale 

  • Rear Seat Reminder Alert: This safety feature is committed to passenger protection by sending both visual and audible alerts to the driver to check if someone is still occupying the rear seats after you reach your destination or when you shut off the engine. 
  • Lane Centring System: Prevents potential collision by monitoring the vehicle position and ensuring it’s aligned with the lane markings. Every time you drift from the dedicated lane, the system will send you an alert or adjust the vehicle placement if needed. 
  • Driver Attention Alert: It monitors the steering behaviour to detect extended or distracted driving as well as lack of attentiveness to keep you safe from a potential collision. The alert system sends audiovisual alerts to the driver when they reach a prolonged period of continuous driving. 
  • Intelligent Speed Control: Uses built-in cameras and scanners to adjust or recommend the speed limit by observing the traffic sign markers ahead on the road. 
  • Traffic Jam Assist: It keeps the vehicle in the centre lane when the lane markings are not visible during congested traffic situations. 
  • Forward Collision Warning with Full Stop: This system scans the road ahead to mitigate the risk of a collision with the vehicles moving ahead. It analyzes the distance with the help of built-in proximity sensors. The system sends audio and visual warnings to the driver or applies the brake if required. 

Learn More About the 2023 Tonale at Alfa Romeo of London 

Want to learn more about the modern design, proven capabilities and technologically advanced amenities of the 2023 Tonale? Feel free to schedule an appointment with the knowledgeable product specialists at Alfa Romeo of London or visit our dealership in London, ON. We also provide easy financing options to help you bring the new Tonale home without hassle.