2022 Alfa Romeo Giulia vs. 2022 Lexus IS

2022 Alfa Romeo Giulia from the front

Drivers have no shortage of elegant and exciting models to choose from when they decide to buy a luxury sedan. For many drivers, the choice comes down to one of two models: The 2022 Alfa Romeo Giulia or the 2022 Lexus IS. To help drivers make their decision, we’ve compared the engine performance and feature availability of both models below. 

Specifications & Features 2022 Alfa Romeo Giulia 2022 Lexus IS
Standard Horsepower 280 hp 241 hp
Standard Torque 306 lb.-ft. 258 lb.-ft.
All-Wheel Drive Standard Available 
Rear Leg Room 892 mm. 818 mm.
Heated Rear Seating Standard Unavailable
Wireless Device Charging Standard Unavailable

Power & Performance

Drivers looking for a sedan that’s fun and easy to drive on the open road will enjoy the Alfa Romeo Giulia. Powered by a turbocharged, four-cylinder, 2.0-litre engine, this sedan generates 280 horsepower and 306 pound-feet of torque. By contrast, the base configuration of the 2022 Lexus IS is only capable of outputting 241 horsepower and 258 lb.-ft. of torque. The 2022 Alfa Romeo Giulia also comes standard with all-wheel drive, which is restricted to select trim levels of the 2022 Lexus IS. 

2022 Alfa Romeo Giulia driving down a rural road

Cabin & Passenger Space

Drivers who value the comfort of their passengers should note that the rear row of the 2022 Alfa Romeo Giulia is much more accommodating than its Lexus counterpart. The 2022 Giulia includes 892 millimeters of rear leg room and 955 mm of rear head room. Passengers may find the 2022 Lexus IS cramped by comparison, as it only features 818 mm of rear leg room and 937 mm of rear head room. 

Comfort & Convenience 

In addition to providing more personal room for rear-row passengers, the 2022 Giulia also comes equipped with exclusive interior amenities and convenience features not found inside the 2022 Lexus IS. Heated rear seats and a wireless device charging pad both come standard inside the 2022 Giulia. The 2022 Lexus IS does not include these features in any trim level. 

Should I Buy the 2022 Alfa Romeo Giulia? 

Many car shoppers in the market for a luxury sedan will find it hard to ignore the advantages the 2022 Alfa Romeo Giulia holds over the 2022 Lexus IS. As revealed by our side-by-side analysis, comparing the performance, practicality, and interior comfort of both models shows that the 2022 Giulia has an obvious edge. 

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